October 31, 2014

Increasing Impact

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Over the past number of decades, there has been a growing desire and movement for Christ-centred education around the world.  EduDeo Ministries has been blessed to participate in the growth of this momentum and to witness the transformation that results from well-trained Christian school teachers and functional schools that profoundly impact future generations with education rooted in a Biblical worldview.  EduDeo seeks to support and enhance these grassroots global efforts by utilizing the rich history and experience of Christ-centred education here in Canada.

As our world continues to globalize, the landscape of Christian education in Canada continues to change as well.  EduDeo is excited to see how Christian educators from Canada continue to participate in the growth of Christ-centred education globally, but also how they are impacted by and grow as a result of these global changes.  We in Canada have much to offer, but also much to learn.  EduDeo desires to be a key facilitator of this type of reciprocal learning.  We are excited by the potential that these interchanges have for education globally – whether here in Canada or beyond!

With this in mind, EduDeo is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2015, Canadian Christian Education Foundation’s (CCEF) mandate will continue under the auspices of EduDeo Ministries. The mandate will continue with EduDeo Ministries, but it will also be expanded to have a global impact.

This transition results from the recognition that the landscape of Christian education globally continues to change.  As we become more interconnected with communities around the world, there are opportunities for sharing and learning that are for the benefit of all.  We believe an investment made nationally can be an investment globally as well.  With the rise of internet availability and ease of travel opportunities, we can bless one another in ways that were inconceivable 15-20 years ago.  EduDeo will remain focused on its efforts to advance Christ-centred education around the world.  It is anticipated that strengthened relationships with schools across Canada will continue to facilitate responsible and healthy learning opportunities globally.  As a result, we anticipate that Canadian and international Christian schools will have greater opportunities to interact with one another, sharing and learning about how they can best instill the values of a Biblical worldview in their daily classroom interactions to impact students with a dynamic and Christ-centred education.


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