January 5, 2015

EduDeo Ministries' Core Value: Excellence

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In our ongoing effort to advance Christ-centred education in the developing world and promote a healthy approach to international development, EduDeo Ministries adopted four key core Biblical values as a foundation to the vision and mission of Gospel transformation worldwide.  Our four core values include excellence, learning, partnership and renewal.

We are hoping to feature our core values over the next four weeks, beginning with our value on excellence.  Our prayer is that our work and ministry would embody these values at every level and in every relationship, whether in our partnerships in Canada or in the developing world.  

Our first core value at EduDeo Ministries is a commitment to excellence. God has called His people to a culture of excellence.  As image bearers, we are called to reflect the excellence of God.  Our desire is to reflect a holy and perfect God in how we worship and serve the Creator.  As the New Testament author of Hebrews notes, Christ, as a more excellent sacrifice, has given His everything to redeem His children.  Just as Christ gave everything at Calvary, so His redeemed saints are called to give everything in service to the Saviour.  Christ deserves the sacrifice of excellence. 

This commitment to excellence extends to the international partners we serve.  We strive for excellence in how we steward the resources God has given, in how we strategically plan for future growth, in how we communicate a Biblical worldview that honours God in the classroom and in how we exercise leadership and mentor an emerging generation of Christ-centred educators and students.  To offer any less would be both a disservice to Christ and the partners we are called to serve.


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