January 19, 2015

EduDeo Ministries' Core Value: Partnership

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In our ongoing effort to advance Christ-centred education in the developing world and promote a healthy approach to international development, EduDeo Ministries has adopted four key core Biblical values as a foundation to the vision and mission of Gospel transformation worldwide.   Our four core values include excellence, learning, partnership and renewal.

Our prayer is that our work and ministry would embody these values at every level and in every relationship, whether in our partnerships in Canada or in the developing world.  

Our third core value is partnership – we desire to be a collaborative ministry as we engage in the broader pursuit of the Kingdom of God.  Our vision, to see every community transformed by the Gospel, is intentionally broad, uniting us with fellow Canadian and international partners in the Gospel.

Our mission of advancing Christ-centred education for children worldwide is focused and concise, allowing us to play a unique role as we walk along with other ministries who exercise different strengths and objectives.

Our desire is to partner with other organizations and ministries who can help us work toward our vision of seeing communities transformed by the Gospel.  Our partnerships are realized in Canada and around the globe.


Apr 7, 2016 at 12:08 pm

I was wondering if edu.deo is involved with JUST the church, or if you create partnerships with other non-church work?

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