January 22, 2015

Serving with Joy

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An interview with Peter & Trudy Kuipers

From leading HANDS teams to hosting teams on the ground in Nicaragua, Peter and Trudy are vibrant examples of cross-cultural servant leadership!

School support and school construction are key objectives in ongoing efforts by EduDeo Ministries to support Christ-centred education in the developing world. The HANDS program provides our partners and supporters with a first-hand experience of how Christ-centred education is leading to transformation in classrooms across the globe.

Two HANDS program champions are Peter and Trudy Kuipers, an active couple from Lacombe, Alberta. EduDeo Ministries interviewed the Kuipers recently to hear more about their passion for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through Christ-centred education:

EduDeo: How did both of you first become involved with HANDS?

PK: In 2009, Peter was the leader for our church’s HANDS team in Honduras. A year later, we organized another team and worked on a school construction project in Nicaragua. We were inspired by the passion we saw for Christ-centred education in the developing world. We now have had the privilege of being in-country hosts in Nicaragua since 2010.

EduDeo: How has your life been transformed by your experience in Nicaragua?

PK: Our way of looking at the world has been changed. We wrestle with questions regarding the challenges and injustice faced by the poor, our use of money and how to best help others.

EduDeo: What was a highlight of your work in Nicaragua?

PK: There are a number of highlights:

1. Our relationships with the principals of many of the schools where we work. They serve God in their schools with love, with dedication, with a heart for the children, families and communities they serve. They work with very few resources; they are fighters and survivors. They ask very little for themselves, dedicating their lives to the Lord’s calling and serving with joy. Everything they do is done with prayer and trust in the providence of God. It is a privilege for us to work alongside them.

2. Meeting and working with the teams from Canada.

3. Celebrating the completion of each school construction project. In our five seasons in Nicaragua, we have been involved in about 25 projects.

4. Working with Lennin and Lester, who support the vision and mission of EduDeo Ministries in Nicaragua. They are dedicated to their work and it has been great to see them grow in their roles.

5. Working with Pablo Meléndez and all the staff from ACECEN in Nicaragua. We work closely with them and we appreciate their faith, dedication and professionalism.

EduDeo: How did your work in Nicaragua give you a better appreciation of Christ-centred education?

PK: Christian education in Nicaragua is different from North America, since many schools in Nicaragua are mission-minded and have become a means of evangelism. Many of the students in the Christian schools come from non-Christian homes. The prayer is that each school would be a means of ministry to transform families and communities.

The work of ACECEN is very important because it teaches a Biblical worldview that applies to all areas of life, which can have a positive effect in the lives of the students and their families. Our hope and prayer is that Christian education in Nicaragua may educate a generation of youth who will grow up and lead families, schools, communities and the country to positive change.

EduDeo: What advice would you give to a person considering a HANDS trip with EduDeo Ministries?

PK: Come with an open mind and heart. Serve humbly. Interact with the local community. Be flexible. Prepare for sharing and leading devotions with your team. Come with an attitude of working and walking together with the Nicaraguan people.

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Jerry Gerritsen
Mar 13, 2016 at 9:10 pm

It was very nice to read your story. Sorry I missed seeing you last month. God bless your work.

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