January 8, 2016

Teacher Training Continues in Zambia: Keep on Planting 'Seeds'!

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If you've been following EduDeo's work, you've probably heard us talk about 'Walking Together'. (If you've been following us on facebook, perhaps you noticed the link to our project Integrating Faith and Technology in Nicaragua. If you don't follow us on facebook, you really should.)

Walking Together is designed to impact students around the world by investing in our most important asset:


Walking Together starts with educational experts (we call them Learning Leaders) facilitating workshops in places like Ethioipia, Dominican Republic, Zambia, Nicaragua, Belize and Haiti. 

To truly succeed, however, we rely on newly-trained indigenous leaders to share this training with teachers across their country - spreading this new-found knowledge like seeds blown by the wind!

It's no wonder our colleagues in Zambia choose to call their 'Walking Together' initiative Mbeu Deo ('Seeds of God').

Over the Christmas break, our national leaders in Zambia continued this critical teacher-training work for 20 educators. 

Here are a few pictures of that successful workshop. Enjoy! 




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