January 31, 2012

75 Teachers Being Trained - Hope for South Sudan

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EduDeo Ministries is partnering with Christian Horizons-Global to conduct training for trainers of Christian educators in South Sudan. Through our Walking Together Program, Ike and Jennie Witteveen and Jake and Minka Vriend are helping facilitate the first in a series of intensive courses for Christian teacher trainers. In order to begin training as many leaders as effectively and quickly as possible, the 2-week course (an introduction to Christian education) is being run three times, back to back, for groups of 25 educational leaders selected from different districts in Central Equatoria (the state where the new country’s capital, Juba, is located).  

Due to the unreliability of electricity and the internet, the Witteveens were only able to send a brief email update this weekend.  The following excerpts show the eagerness of the South Sudanese people to establish their new country on a Godly foundation. 

“A welcome ceremony was held on the first day of the course, with words from the Police Commissioner and the Director of Education.  All government officials are quick to use God language and Scripture references in their public speeches and proclamations, so unlike Canada. It's amazing how determined this country is to re-build upon Christian principles. The need for quality training of teachers is enormous.

As for this first course, it was received beyond what we had expected - may God be praised and bless South Sudan teachers as they take it with them to their communities. The concept of Christian education is so new to them - but their hearts were wide open to it, and from their daily journals, it appears they gained a good understanding. The total of 75 teachers taking this training are hand-picked by their Ministry of Education.  They are now obligated to share it with 8 other teachers in their respective schools before coming back for Course #2 in the fall. Amazing how quickly one bonds with these wonderful teachers who share a similar interest and faith. Their stories of the 20-year war are horrendous. Unbelievable what humanity is capable of.”

As you can read, this new country, forged in the fires of war and persecution, is ready to educate its youngest citizens from a Biblical perspective.  Clearly, Christ-centred education could be a powerful tool for reconciliation and renewal for South Sudan.  Please pray for the Witteveens and Vriends as they continue to serve and interact with our Sudanese brothers and sisters for four more weeks in very hot and challenging conditions.

To learn more about the persecution faced by Sudanese Christians, please click here.

To learn more about EduDeo Ministries’ Walking Together Program, please click here.


Jan 31, 2012 at 7:49 pm

Looks Great. Praise the Lord for the partnership and your service.

Jacques Boulanger
Jan 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Simply wonderful!

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