May 7, 2016

Biblical Perspectives in the Land of a Thousand Hills

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Written by Robert Koole, EduDeo’s Walking Together Director

I recently returned from Kigali, Rwanda after leading a 5-day session on Biblical Worldview, Transformative Teaching and Learning, for Wellspring Foundation’s Abundant Leadership Institute.

Arriving in Rwanda on the last day of a Week of Remembrance for the 1994 Genocide immediately focused my preparation on grounding all of our sessions in this local context.  April 7th to July 4th in Rwanda marks a period of national remembrance of family members, friends, and fellow citizens and others who were slaughtered during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.

Phocas Ngendahayo, the Director of the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) Director expresses it this way:

“While driving into the future we keep also an eye on the rear-view mirrors of our history to avoid amnesia and genocide recurrence. During this time, somehow, somebody, somewhere is remembering in silence his/her relatives who were killed not by an epidemic, a natural disaster, or in a car accident but human propaganda, careful planning and systematic implementation. Education itself which was supposed to serve God's purpose and develop the human capital was sadly used as a tool for discrimination, dehumanization, division, oppression, etc.”

 Wellspring Foundation created The Abundant Leadership institute (ALI) with a clear vision:

To see education in Central Africa transformed by the Love of Christ as passionate leaders with vision are equipped to transform their school communities. The program is built on exploring timeless truths and biblical principles for a holistic education. Its approach builds on the perspective of an abundant mentality, a servant heart, a biblical perspective, and an African context.

Our five days of seminars centred on foundational questions such as, what are the characteristics of a Christ-centered learning community?  What does it mean to learn? What is my educational vision? How do we shape a culture where learning flourishes? Whose curriculum are we teaching? How can assessment encourage learning?

Participants engaged in serious, heart-focused dialogue around Biblical principles. They considered ways to turn classrooms into Christ-centred learning communities.  They discovered where the new Rwandan curriculum could be used as an excellent entry point for integrating Biblical perspectives.

This session represents EduDeo Ministries’ first collaboration with The Wellspring Foundation for Education in Rwanda. And even though this session has formally ended, there is no doubt in my mind that the ideas these leaders uncovered will not only transform the way they teach, it will transform the hearts of their students as well.


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