June 8, 2016

Serving Raspberry Pi in Zambia: Update 2

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We received an update from Derek Schuurman and Dave Stienstra about their work in Zambia - serving up the credit-card sized computers known as Raspberry Pi. See below: 

Our workshop started well yesterday, however the power went out after only a few hours and remained out into the late evening. We quickly switched to some "unplugged" teaching strategies - using a flipchart and doing some kinaesthetic exercises to learn some computing concepts such as binary numbers and compression techniques (from the "CS unplugged" curriculum). Attempts to get a generator connected were unsuccessful (I suspect the power regulation was too poor), but the workshop went on without power.

Thankfully we had reliable power today, and so we were able to work extensively with the Raspberry Pi's. 

We opened this morning with a devotion from Genesis 2 and Rev. 21 with the theme "The meaning of Technology".

Dave is currently doing a tutorial on using "The Gimp" - a free image manipulation program on the Raspberry Pi.

Take care

Derek and Dave

To learn more, visit the project page


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