June 9, 2016

Serving Raspberry Pi in Zambia: Update 3

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We received an update from Derek Schuurman and Dave Stienstra about their work in Zambia - serving up the credit-card sized computers known as Raspberry Pi. See below: 

We concluded the workshop today at noon. We covered a devotional on the new heavens and the new earth, and some discussions on different approaches to Christian education. We ended with a discussion on where we go from here (a discussion which started already yesterday afternoon). 

Dave shared about the experience in Nicaragua with RedProCom, and we asked the teachers what might make sense for Zambia. The teachers expressed an interest in forming a network of Christian teachers meeting regularly to continue sharing and working together. Questions came up about cost and transportation, and how it could be sustainable, but Rev. Nehemiah suggested there could be help from schools and CCAP. Teachers were encouraged by the Nicaraguan story - it it has worked elsewhere, so we can also do it here.

After some discussion, the teachers determined the following for a group name, plans for meetings, and an action plan:

-Name: CCAP NICTE (Network of ICT Educators)

-How frequently will we meet? Once per month. First meeting June 24, 10 am

-Leadership of the group:  three people were nominated to be a chairperson, secretary and treasurer for the new group

We will see how things unfold, but this was an encouraging start. It was nice to watch the teachers leaving with arm-loads of computer equipment. However, besides the equipment, many expressed an appreciation for learning how to connect faith and technology.

We had some technical issues with the Egranary server, but I think we have mostly addressed them. Internet access is not common in schools, much less high speed access, so having high-speed access to millions of internet resources through a local connection with the Egranary server is appreciated.

Some pics from our last day of the workshop are attached. We plan to make some follow-up visits with the schools to make sure everything is working well.

Please continue to pray for health and safety in travel and for the teachers as they return to their schools.




Jun 10, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Thanks for your work there, Derek & Dave! Praying for safe travels and that the group continues implementing everything they were taught.

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