June 13, 2016

Serving Raspberry Pi in Zambia: Update 4

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We received an update from Derek Schuurman and Dave Stienstra about their work in Zambia - serving up the credit-card sized computers known as Raspberry Pi. See below: 

Now that the workshop is complete we are visiting the schools with a follow-up visit. This morning we visited Hoya and Emusa and they already had several Raspberry Pi workstations set up and plan to have the rest set up soon. It is clear that the generators do not provide very clean power, so it was good we had UPS's to provide clean power.

The flatscreen monitors are rated at 11.6 Watts, and the Raspberry Pi runs on approximately 2.5 Watts, so an entire workstation can run with under 15 Watts. The school at Hoya expressed an interest in exploring running the lab of 10 Raspberry Pi workstations using solar panels and a battery/inverter.  At 15 Watts per workstation, we can run an entire lab of 10 computers with just 150 Watts of power. A visit to a local store indicates that components for solar power are readily available here in Lundazi.

This afternoon we are off to Mwase which should complete our visits.

Dave and I are doing well - please pray for continued safety in travel.



Jun 13, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Sounds like wonderful work you are doing! I can't wait to see the implications of that technology when Dora and I are in Lundazi in August. Now I am wondering: how can we use this technology in our teaching there? I am assuming that there are no Raspberry Pis in the guest house, but only in the schools. Maybe we will be able to "borrow" some from Hoya :)

Continued blessings on your work and safe travels,


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