July 6, 2016

EduDeo In the News: A Mural Going Up on Barton Street

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EduDeo Ministries is in the news! Great write up by Alice Plug-Buist in both The Sherman Hub and The Herald.

There’s a mural going up on Barton Street.  It’s hard to miss, at the corner of Barton and Gibson.  And there’s a story behind it. 

Barton Street is undergoing renewal – which began with the hard work of neighbours and the Barton Village BIA.  From their website we read: “The Barton Village Business Improvement Area works to develop relationships with the community to continuously build a safe, vibrant place to live, work, play, shop & invest.” 

EduDeo Ministries has taken up the challenge to be part of those relationships.  In their new office, located at the corner of Barton and Gibson, above what is currently the Dollarave, this Canadian, Christian, mission organization serves children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.  But as they serve children around the world, they are convicted that every community needs transformation, including communities right here in Hamilton. 

As Jonathan Horlings, Marketing Director at EduDeo Ministries states: “When your vision is to see every community transformed by the Gospel, your office should be more than just an office.  It should be a place that seeks renewal for the community at your doorstep – as well as for communities around the world.”  This was the impetus for the creation of “Campus 621” – to be located here on Barton Street.

EduDeo Ministries is unapologetically a Christian organization.  As Canadian journalist and former host for CBC’s The National, Brian Stewart explains: “It is Christians who are right "On the Front Lines" of committed humanity today, and when I want to find that front, I follow their trail. It is a vast front stretching from the most impoverished reaches of the developing world to the hectic struggle to preserve caring values in our own towns and cities. I have never been able to reach these front lines without finding Christian volunteers already in the thick of it, mobilizing congregations that care, and being a faithful witness to truth, the primary light in the darkness and so often, the only light.”  EduDeo Ministries is joining other Christian organizations, such as 541 Eatery and Exchange, GOHOP, Helping Hands and many others already actively serving Barton Street.  Many people are at work for Barton Street’s renewal, and there are many Christians hard at work among them.

The mural going up at 621 Barton Street is a picture of renewal and transformation.  You will see its  progress – with symbols of transformation, education, and the city of Hamilton.  This mural is a gift to us from the City of Hamilton, in collaboration with EduDeo Ministries.  It will be a lasting picture of the importance of investing in children and communities.  Many years ago, Sir John Gibson, the man whom the Gibson School was named after, worked for the protection of children.  As Krista VandeKuyt of The Banner discovered, Sir John Gibson was best known for The Gibson Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, passed in 1893, which led to the formation of the Hamilton CAS.  He also worked to establish libraries, and worked on the Board of Education.  He knew that in order for children and communities to flourish they needed safe, vibrant places to live, work, play, shop and invest.  He would have been proud of what is happening on Barton Street.

Barton Street is undergoing renewal and this new mural is going to be a beautiful visual part of it.


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