October 24, 2016

HANDS Community Impact

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Despite spending a relatively short period of time in the field, our HANDS teams have a substantial, long-term impact on the communities where we work, encouraging and empowering them to take ownership of seeing their own schools thrive.

79 year-old Kajepu Langiford Nyirenda, from Emusa, Zambia, is a local contractor working with our partner CCAP. Kajepu was first introduced to CCAP in his retirement, having a desire to continue using his skills as a professional contractor, as well as a need to be able to provide school fees for his three orphaned grandchildren.

Learning that he would be working with volunteers from Canada, he and his local staff were encouraged to work hard, and humbled by those willing to come to his community with a heart of serving.

“The people of Zambia need a lot of encouragements and support,” Kajepu said. “Not only with funds, but through giving them hope that God CARES for His people and will never neglect them. My people confessed when looking at the Kabinda project that ‘when they see the building and laboratory build by the HANDS teams, they see the face of God.’ I myself, could not imagine how my life and the lives of my grandchildren would be after retirement in terms of upkeep. I realized God sent His HANDS from Canada to rescue my life and family through CCAP Education Department Zambia. To God be the glory Amen.”

Interested in joining a HANDS Team or starting your own? Contact Karla-Maria Ponce, HANDS Coordinator, at kponce@edudeo.com or 866.360.4274.


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