November 30, 2016

Finding a Place in God’s Big Story

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How do Walking Together workshops lead to transformed teaching?  

How do Walking Together workshops lead to transformed teaching? The following is Wezi Nyirenda’s reflection on a powerful lesson she learned from a Walking Together workshop in Zambia.

We had spent most of the morning learning about Act One of the Big Story. God created a beautiful world. He loved it and had made a covenant with it. Everything He had created was perfect, but it did not stay that way. In Act Two, the Fall, sin changed all things that were created good.

At that point, our leader surprised us. Each of us were given a piece of pottery to admire. I thought, ‘Was this now mine? Would I be allowed to keep it?’ No, the pottery was collected again and put in a bag.

Then, the other leader picked up a big stick and began to hit that bag really hard, over and over again.

We were shocked! Why was he destroying the beautiful pottery? We became very quiet. Some of us even felt tears running down our cheeks. We all felt as if we were at a funeral. After some minutes, all the broken pottery pieces were dumped into a bucket. What was once beautiful had been destroyed!
Someone quietly asked, “Why did you allow this to happen? It makes me very sad!”

The Leader replied, “Maybe it will help us understand what God must have felt when sin broke His perfect creation. But the story does not end here. God still loved what He had created and began to plan a way to rescue it. We will learn more about that in Act Three and Four – Redemption and Restoration – of the Big Story...”

I too was able to rescue some of those broken pieces to make something beautiful out of them again.  Using the broken pieces of pottery, we were able to make new art that – while not perfect – reflected some of the original beauty of the creation.

I learned I have a part to play in Act Four of God’s plan. I can be a co-worker with God to make a broken world beautiful again. This was a lesson I will never forget! ALL THINGS are created by Him, loved by Him and redeemed through Him. I will now teach that to my pupils in every subject!


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