January 27, 2017

Living Free in Jesus Christ

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On our final day together, Alejandrina shared a devotion on "Being Free in Jesus Christ".  She emphasized that living free in Christ means that we can take risks, much like Martin Luther stated that being in Christ meant that you could "sin bravely".  If our hearts and intentions are aligned with the gospel, we then can have courage to try new things.  Being in Jesus doesn't mean that we are perfect.  In fact, we know that we are both loved by God and prone to sin however, our freedom in Christ allows us to try new things like implementing circles and not to give up if they don't work right away.

Alejandrina encouraged us to love our neighbour and ourselves and as a result admit our mistakes, seek reconciliation and health for our communities.  Learning how to take risks and learning from our mistakes is the sign of a 'reforming' school/church/community.  Our walk with God allows us this freedom from fear, fear of reprisal, fear of shame and fear of shame.

The goal for the COCREF schools is be named "restorative".  The educators presented plans and hopes and dreams of how to implement this new "way of being" and as result new pedagogies for the classroom and the staff room.

The participants thanked Anne Martin for her leadership in this training!


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