February 1, 2017

Visit to Schools: Restorative Practices in At Work

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On my last day in the Dominican Republic, I had the privilege of visiting 5 schools:  Jerico Christian School; La Esperanza Christian School; Nueve Creacion Christian School; Pena de Horeb Christian School; San Pablo Christian School.  Each of the principals had taken the Restorative Practices Training last week along with one teacher from each school.  It was great to see them in their school environments.

In one of the schools, the principal informed me that the grade 8 class was about to engage in a full class circle to discuss some issues around the appropriate use of cellphones.  What a wonderful application of the idea that to solve problems, one needs the voices of both the teacher and the student.  It is well documented that involving all stakeholders in the solution of an issue means more buy-in.

In most of the schools, the primary grades were already using circles as ways to engage the students....small groups and large groups were arranged in circles for communication and learning.

I also saw one school busily painting its walls inside and out with a phrase that we aim to be a "restorative school".....for the students, teachers but also the community.  At this school, the principal, Alejandrina, told me that she hopes to lead community groups in the understanding of restorative practices and give the community and parents tools to deal with conflict and problems.  Here was a school that definitely was intentional about being a blessing to its wider and very poor community/village.

In the last school we visited, the principal, Fe Maria, the principal showed me her office and pointed to the cards of the restorative questions that were carefully covered with plastic on her desk.  She told me that having those questions right in front of her....reminded her to use the questions when she was meeting with staff, students or teachers.

The COCREF schools are on the move.  Their Director of Learning, Guillermo Yan, intends to encourage the 15 schools under COCREF to begin or deepen their journey to transformational Christian education through restorative practices.  He hopes to encourage the educators, the schools and the COCREF association to become beacons of hope, shalom, peace and restoration for the building of God's beautiful kingdom.

Thanks for reading....this will be my final blog for this training!

Blessings to all those who support COCREF and EduDeo!

Diane Stronks



Feb 7, 2017 at 7:49 pm

Wonderful to hear the updates about the workshops on restorative practices and the impact on the schools! wishing you God's continued blessings!

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