March 6, 2012

Africa: the stage is yours!

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Today we received a formal invitation to attend the second Africa Roundtable (the first took place in 2007). 

Following is quote from the invitation:

Theme: Africa, the stage is yours!

Why this theme?

Christianity in Africa is growing at a very fast rate. In 1900, 80% of the world’s Christians lived in Europe and North America.

Today, a century later, nearly 70% of the world’s Christians live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Christianity and Christian schooling is becoming predominantly non-Western. The new agenda for Christian education in Africa needs to develop an African brand of Christian education. This will happen through our partnership in Christian schooling and education. We need to unleash this potential by mobilizing families, churches, businesses, African states, and ecumenical partners to ensure that Africa is able to take the center stage and move on to deepen the roots of our efforts through the gospel and by embracing the Biblical worldview. This will also help us to forge and strengthen unity among all stakeholders to ensure that we succeed in taking the center stage as we raise the flag or banner of God through Christian education.

We are at a pivotal time in world history. It seems that now, more than any time in history, the church looks like the great multitude described in the Book of Revelation -- a multitude from every tribe and nation (Andrew Walls).

For so long Africa was the mission field. Now it is time for Africa, to shape itself and take the gospel back to its brothers and sisters in the Western world. To deepen education in Africa and to equip Africans for the occasion, we need Christian education. Hence, “Africa the stage is yours.”

We are honoured to walk alongside our African friends in reaching this vision.  We are making every effort to send a representative to the African Roundtable to encourage and support them.  Along with several international representatives, the goal is to have educational leaders representing each of the 54 countries in Africa. 

We ask that you already now begin to pray for God’s blessing of this roundtable conference. 

Stay tuned for further developments!


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