April 25, 2017

Phase 1- Raspberry Pi3- Dominican Republic Day 1

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This blog was written by Walking Together Learning Leader Rafael Castro Soza from Nicaragua who is guiding computer science teachers in the Dominican Republic as part of the Faith & Technology - Phase 1 Walking Together Project.

Today was a Great Day - we began the first day of our 4 day worshop! In attendance were 16 Dominicans, 1 Canadian and 1 Nicaraguan! We are a team! We are one body! No borders!

The participating schools include:

  1. Emanuel - Centro de Ministerios

  2. Juan Calvino - Sabana Grande de Boya

  3. Los Guandules - Los Guandules, SPM

  4. Renacer - Los Mameyes

  5. La Esperanza - Hato Nuevo

Our Agenda for today was:

  1. Opening devotions - Technology and Creation
  2. Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
  3. Telling the Redprocom story from Nicaragua

The Raspberry Pi computers we were hoping to introduce were still stuck in customs, and so instead of working with the computers we did examples of how one might teach technology without using computers.

Also, the teachers were introduced to the Rachel Pi -- a device which provides an "internet-in-a-box" with a large collection of educational content including: KAcademy lite, wikipedia, books, lessons and many other resources. Many teachers said this would be a helpful resource for their schools!

Some of the thoughts we had today that I would love to share with you include some of the following comments heard from teachers and principals: 

  • "God is a creative God, but sin is like a virus which attaches to all what he has created and distorts it"
  • "We should be like ants, they gather food individualy, work in a team and after all they enjoy it all together"
  • "you gave me a new perspective of technology!"
  • "I have a new vision to my school"
By the end of the day, we learned that the Raspberry Pi computer's were released from custom and now we are looking forward to some hands-on activities for tomorrow! yeah!



John & Nell
Apr 27, 2017 at 2:02 pm

We pray for blessings for all involved!

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