April 26, 2017

Phase 1- Raspberry Pi3- Dominican Republic Day 2

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Day 2

We started a new day of work, grateful for the arrival of the Raspberry Pi'! We began with a devotion about the tower of babel and how humans were using technology to make a name for themselves. We talked about modern day “towers of Babel” when we put our trust in our own technical abilities to solve all problems old and new.

Let's do it! The time came to install the Raspberry Pi from scratch. By stepping through the hands-on activities together, we were able to successfully accomplish each one of our goals for today.

To help my fellows with what I have learned together with Derek and Edudeo is priceless.

Seeing the faces of the teachers exploring and learning, discovering the benefits and opportunities for better teaching made me see the greatness of God and the care he has with his children and how he is also interested in us learning about technology and faith.

The experience from the teachers left us with the following comments.

1. Yesterday without Pi, we were only told about the Raspberry Pi and the diversity of tools and programs that are included, but and today we have experienced it and we can see how useful they are.

2. We can see that there are many programs for different areas and ages.

3. We will not leave as experts, but by grace we will continue sharing what we learned.

4. I am surprised, I am not an expert, but teaching is always done in practice. I am going to share the ideas I learned from these programs and involve them. I did not know how to mix technology with different educational areas of study, but now I know how to do it.

5. I would like to organize a technology workshop with the church to discuss the implications of faith for technology.

A day of success and glory for our God!


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