April 28, 2017

Phase 1- Raspberry Pi3- Dominican Republic Day 4

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Day 4

Today was our last day of training. COCREF’s teachers had put their will and time to begin a new story in their schools with the Raspberry Pi and begin a new opportunity of learning for their students.

Teachers once again put into practice the installation of the Raspberry pi using the knowledge they had acquired and they did great! We’re sure they will do an excellent job. We had a video call with the Network of Christian Professors of Computation of Nicaragua (REDPROCOM) which allowed the teachers in the Dominican Republic to hear firsthand about the use of Raspberry Pi in Nicaragua and how they have impacted their students and communities. It was a successful online meeting, our goals were to establish a channel of communication between both organizations. The meeting ended with a Nicaraguan teacher praying for the teachers in the DR.

Some comments from teachers at the end of this training:

1. My way of thinking has changed, now to hire a teacher I will look for a person who loves God and who is qualified to teach with worldview, not a common employee.

2. I wanted to change my job, I decided to look more to God and become more intimate with God, and He made me realize that it is not where I work, all is about what I will do in the place where I am. The task is not easy, because we have to show Christ at home, school and the street.

3. In 4 days of training, you have "cooked" (changed) my way of thinking.  Thank you for everything!


May 2, 2017 at 4:28 pm

It's so exciting to hear about how you are working together! I was just reading from John 17 today, where Jesus prays for his brothers and sisters to live in unity with each other and him. This is even possible around Raspberry Pi, apparently! God is so good.

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