October 11, 2017

Four Girls & Their Robots

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The following blog was written by Hannah Van Dyk, one of EduDeo's Key Relationship Managers.

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to travel in the Dominican Republic & Nicaragua and was able to visit with the teachers & students we are privileged to work with. When I came home, a lot of people asked me what I did while I was away, and I had two answers: I sweat a lot (a welcome change from the snow in Edmonton), and I listened to stories.

Stories from parents who have seen their children changed by Christ-centred education. Stories of schools who are living out Christ’s call for us to be servants by starting meal programs and medical clinics in their schools for their students and the greater community. Stories of principals starting schools in areas with a deep need for education and the gospel, and seeing how God’s hand has helped those schools thrive. 

But no story stands out in my head quite as much as the story of four girls & their robots.

On our last day in Nicaragua, we visited Betania Baptiste, a school that serves students from kindergarten to grade 12. It’s a vibrant school, with students who are excited & passionate about learning. It’s a school that has only had computer education for four years, but in that time, they’ve been able to do incredible things. When we popped up to the computer lab, we saw a full classroom of students who were using the Raspberry Pi to partake in animating videos - ask me about Pac-Man with a mohawk later. 

What stood out most to me when I arrived in the classroom was four girls, who were walking my co-workers through what they’ve been able to do with the Raspberry Pi and other lessons they’ve learned through EduDeo’s partner, RedProCom. 

We watched as these girls - who were leaders in their classroom - carefully and thoughtfully communicated what they’ve learned. They demonstrated a cell-phone controlled car that they built with robot technology, which we were able to try in the classroom. They told us what they liked about using the Raspberry Pi, especially about its versatility. And they shared dreams of future projects they’d like to implement, including a sustainable garden watering project with students in other schools to benefit the greater community.

Afterwards, I talked to their teacher about the dreams of these four girls – what did they want to do after school? He told me they’re all interested in education beyond high school, with dreams of being doctors, engineers, architects, and business administrators. 

On International Day of the Girl, I can’t help but think and pray for these formidable girls, and how they are thriving within Christ-centred education in Nicaragua. Would you join me in praying for them today?

Let’s pray they continue to follow in the path the Lord lays out for them. That they continue to develop their God given gifts, and that God would give them opportunities to use those gifts and talents in and outside the classroom. That they would continue to use their gifts to serve others and God, and that they would continue to grow and develop in the knowledge and love of Christ.


Oct 13, 2017 at 4:38 pm

Great reminder about the importance of technology in the classroom! Glad EduDeo can stand in the gap to make it possible.

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