November 6, 2017

Trust: The Key Component

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This blog was written by Walking Together Learning Leader Diane Stronks who is working with co-leaders Elco Vandergrift and Guillermo Yan and Nicaraguan educators and leaders as part of the Leading Change With a Growth Mindset Walking Together project.

Whenever a leader wishes to lead change, trust in relationships is paramount.  Without trust, the leader will have a difficult time convincing those whom she/he is leading.  This was the discovery of the ACECEN board members, the staff of ACECEN and the facilitators on the first day of training.

Change is scary.  It can be intimidating.  Many of us are afraid of change because we might have to give up control.  Change however can also be framed as discovery, excitement and growth.  If we are together or alone on the journey of change, it makes a huge difference.  

Honouring the Mission and Vision of an Organization or Christian School; Developing a Growth Mindset when it comes to problems and issues; and finally creating an ACTION plan that will lead us to new destinations and change are all part of the journey to building healthy, Christ-centred organizations and schools.

We are called by God to be a people of vision, sojourning and movement.  Developing trust relationships is the oil of the engine of any organization or school.

Thanks to Elco for his leadership and his teaching!!


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