November 16, 2017

Planning for the Future: The Challenges

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This blog was written by Walking Together Learning Leader Diane Stronks who is working alongside co-leaders Elco Vandergrift and Guillermo Yan with Nicaraguan educators and leaders as part of the Leading Change With a Growth Mindset Walking Together project.

In any training, a key component is feedback, critique and planning for the future.  As Canadian learning leaders, our goal is to ensure that the ideas and learning actually "fit" for our partner.  As we encourage growth mindset for leading change, we at EduDeo also have to ensure that we have a growth mindset, ready for feedback and critique from our colleagues in the majority world.

At the end of every training session, we ask for critique and feedback... often using the words "I like" and "I wonder."  We need to know what worked for our international colleagues and what missed the mark.  We also need to know if what was shared will actually change practice in the classrooms of the Christian schools in our partner countries.

To that end, one of the goals of the week was to put an "Action Plan" together with non-negotiable goals that can be seen and measured; some important goals that may or may not be implemented and some "nice to have" goals.  The Action Plan comes directly out of the is different than a strategic plan (though it may be connected to one) which looks at the future and the changes that could possibly be implemented.  The action plan is the promise of the participants to work towards change in their school system.

As Michael Hyatt states...

"Having a written set of goals is not enough.  You have to take action and then systematically measure your progress."

By all accounts, this thinking is new.  It helps all of us change our mindset.  The goals that were developed were done by our colleagues not by us.  They decided what they could or could not accomplish.  They put the timelines and plans into place.  Our future role is to hear the stories of success and failure and then put new actions and plans into place for the good of Christian education.

Grace and peace to our friends and colleagues at ACECEN!  We truly look forward to hearing your journey forward!


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