December 8, 2017

Connecting the Gospel with Growth Mindset

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This blog was written by Learning Leader Diane Stronks who is working alongside co-leader Alice Vanderkooy with Haitian educators and leaders as part of the Ambassador Training: Collaborative Learning Walking Together project.

During this week, Alice Vanderkooy and I had the privilege to work with the Ambassadors of the CRECH family of schools (approximately 400 schools!!).  This group of 25 leaders/teachers were eager to develop themselves and by extension their colleagues in Christian schools, the churches, the families and the communities that they are connected with.

Our week began with a devotional that looked at blind Bartimaeus and Jesus' question to him: "What do you want me to do for you?"  Jesus always seemed to be asking questions and inviting people into their reality, their growth, their journey.  He is the Saviour who seems to see everything upside down.  He called the "poor in spirit" blessed; he calls the children to him; he asks the Pharisees: "Who is without sin?"  He reframes conflict by expecting his followers to "love their enemies."  

Today, to end our week, Pastor Jean-Jacques read the story of the Canaanite woman who asked Jesus to heal her daughter (Matthew 15).  He wondered if we could see ourselves as that woman.  A woman who refused to stop asking Jesus for healing and health.  Perhaps Jesus was testing her... perhaps he wanted to demonstrate that the Gospel would be for more than the Jewish nation. But regardless, she had a plan: she wouldn't take no for an answer. Her courage, her resilience, her belief that determination and perseverance could create a new and different outcome for her daughter and her family was rewarded.

Pastor Jean-Jacques wondered if the determination, the courage, the unrelenting belief that things can change (a growth mindset) wouldn't continue to be very important for the communities that CRECH Haiti serves.  We were so blessed to hear his devotion and doubly blessed to see how the topic of a growth mindset could be so beautifully connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Thanks to all our new friends and colleagues at CRECH Haiti for a wonderful and inspirational week!  


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