January 16, 2018

Christ-Centred Leadership: With God all things are Possible!

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As we begin this week of training in the Dominican Republic, we want to build on the promises of Christ.  Jesus Christ teaches us that we need to believe that things can change...we can change....our colleagues can change.....our students can change.....our communities can change.  "With God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

As we learn about "Growth Mindset" and how the brain works....we recognize that the gospel supports the idea that we need to grow and chnage and become excellent.  Our belief in growth and change needs to shape our leadership, our teachers and the learning in the classroom.  

Leaders (Principals) have to create schools cultures that cultivate the growth of all participants.  Principals have to believe that their own personal and professional growth is important but also the growth of their teachers and students.  The CULTURE of the school is paramount.  We have worked on creating communities that restore relationships (that deal with conflict and brokenness)...we now want to go deeper and lean into the idea that all the adults need to create successful learning conditions for their students.  

Our language is important.  How do we say things that demonstrate what our fundamental beliefs are? Do we have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?  Do we say.....

SUCCESS                                                  FRUSTRATION

1.  I can learn anything I want to.  OR   1.  I'm either good at it or I'm not.

2.  When I'm frustrated, I persevere.  OR 2.  When I'm frustrated, I give up.

3.  I like to challenge myself.          OR      3.  I don't like to be challenged.

4.  When I fail, I learn.                   OR      4.  When I fail, I'm no good.

5.  I like being told that I try hard.   OR     5.  I like being told I'm smart.

6.  If my classmates succeed, I'm inspired.  OR  6.  If my classmates succeed, I'm threatened.

7.  My effort and attitude determine everything.  OR 7.  My abililies determine everything.

 We want classrooms that build success not frustration so what we say is key!

Can we lean into the promises of God and change our thinking about ourselves and others?  We look forward to learning more about these topics.




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