February 26, 2018

From the Land of a Thousand Hills

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Canadian Learning Leader Robert Koole, assisted by Phocas Ngendahayo and Stephen Rudakemwa, are facilitating a biblical worldview and values module to a group of 19 educational leaders from Rwanda and Uganda at the Abundant Learning Institute (ALI) in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Biblical worldview and values module for Wellspring Foundation’s Abundant Leadership Institute is well underway. Participants have already explored the topics of “Building Christ –centered learning communities;”  “Exercising vision-based leadership” and “Engaging in transformative pedagogy”.

During the first two days of the seminar, the following are some of the participants’ comments:

  •  This biblical world view and values module is thought provoking & deep, we are challenged to apply what we are learning.”  
  •  “It is an engaging, insightful and practical approach of learning”
  • “Biblical world view and values module is timely to Christian educators ’
  • “Building a Christ –centered learning community was an amazing topic to me & it will help me transform my school community when I go back”
  • “1-2-4 Activity” what an amazing method of engaging everyone in the discussion! Will immediately challenge my people with it when I go back”

The third day’s sessions explored qualities of best learning experiences, engaged deeply with what it means to learn, and considered how different views of a learner shaped teaching practices.

One group’s summary stated that,

“The best learning experiences are transformative in nature. They place the learner at the center and helps him/her find their place in God’s picture. They help them understand the purpose for which they were created. They interest the learners and are always memorable.”

After a break on Saturday for Rwandan Umuganda, and on Sunday for worship services, participants will continue with “Uncovering dynamic and revelatory curriculum” and “Assessing to nurture growth.


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