August 27, 2018

The Beauty of a Shy Culture

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As Anne and I began to work with the Presbyterian Christian Schools of Belize (PCSB), we were told repeatedly by our hosts and our participants that the Belizean culture is one where people are rather quiet and shy.  We might even say that they are a culture of introverts who watch, listen and reflect.  This is a very different experience for we North Americans who seem to have gotten used to an extroverted, loud, boisterious culture.

Shyness is such a gift especially when someone needs to be listened to.  Shyness is also a response when people don’t know you very well or are unsure of what you are presenting.

Anne and I are here to introduce “Restorative Practices”…..a look at how we can repair relationships when harm or brokenness has happened.  Our Belizean friends have been introduced to a deeper understanding of what our call to restoration or a ministry of reconciliation might entail.  As they reflect on their culture, they admitted that many times conflict goes underground or it is ignored because of the shyness and the tendency not to want to “rock the boat”.  They are already seeing that using the Restorative Practices can create safe, and healthy spaces for all people to say what they need to say with respect, honour and humility. 

The beauty of shyness is the ability to listen…..the beauty of Restorative Practices is the ability to create the right conditions for really healthy, necessary conversations.

We are blessed by BOTH!


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