December 5, 2018

Day 2: 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo

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This blog is Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo. Keep following along to read more stories of celebration from 2018.

We know that looking back gives context to what stories we’re telling. This past year, EduDeo celebrated some big organizational milestones – but these wouldn’t have happened without the support, time and prayers that have been with us as an organization over the last 18 years.

Today, we’re looking back and celebrating all that’s happened over the last 18 years, as a way to celebrate and look forward to – Lord willing – the next 18 years.

Did you know... EduDeo Ministries used to be called World Wide Christian Schools? Worldwide Christian Schools was a US based organization that specifically worked with school construction projects. In 2000, WWCS expanded into Canada. Working with partners, Worldwide Christian Schools Canada realized that Biblical worldview, teacher training, and curriculum development would be imperative to move forward in the future. We rebranded into EduDeo Ministries in June 2011, and have been excitedly working towards our vision of seeing every community transformed by the gospel by advancing Christ-centred education for children around the world.

Did you know... EduDeo’s first office location was in John Postuma’s home? He still remembers his children walking around their kitchen table, stuffing folders.  The organization then moved to Hank de Jong’s basement, followed by moves to Burlington in 2005, and Hamilton in 2008.

In 2016, EduDeo finally moved to our current home, Campus 621. Moving in to Campus 621 helped us achieve our greater vision – to see every community transformed by the gospel, making our office space more than just an office by partnering with other organizations for local renewal and global impact. Currently, Campus 621 houses office space for EduDeo Ministries, Medical Ministry International, Save the MothersA Rocha and True City.

Did you know... EduDeo used to have 5 partners? When we rebranded as EduDeo Ministries, we signed partnership agreements with school associations in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nicaragua and Zambia. Today, EduDeo has expanded to a total of 10 partners, including Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti and Rwanda.

Did you know... EduDeo used to be just two people? Our team has now grown to 13 people, with staff represented across Canada.

Did you know... in 2018, EduDeo completed our first ever strategic plan? In 2015, we were tasked with setting out big, strategic goals that we wanted to see completed in 2018. While not every goal was accomplished, we took big steps to reaching more teachers, students and schools with this strategic plan and the power of the Gospel guiding our way. We will continue building upon this vision with a new 3-year strategic plan guiding us into 2021.

Did you know... Hank de Jong, our Executive Director, is EduDeo’s longest serving staff member? This year, Hank celebrated 15 years as EduDeo’s leader and we’re looking forward to the next 15 years of Hank sharing his vision for ministry and impressive whistling skills with us.

We are grateful for all God has given us to celebrate over this last year – and we would love your prayers as we move into 2019, executing our vision and mission: to see every community transformed by the Gospel, by advancing Christ-centred education for children worldwide.


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