December 7, 2018

Day 4: 12 Days of Christmas With EduDeo

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This blog is Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo. Keep following along to read more stories of celebration from 2018.

If you want to improve a child’s education, start with leaders.

That’s what the Walking Together program aims to do.

You may have heard about Walking Together as “a teacher training program” – but it’s so much more than that. Walking Together workshops engage teachers, principals, leaders, board members and sometimes even parents.

We want to see three major results of Walking Together workshops:

  1.   Christ-centred Learning
  2.   Christ-centred Leadership
  3.   Christ-centred Organizations

When the foundation of a school (its teachers, leaders and board members) are invested in, the entire school and its community benefits. Teachers learn new ways to bring learning alive. Leaders learn how to create and implement long-term goals. Board members learn how to engage parents in school programs.

Ultimately, Walking Together is wholistic – we want to see transformation in every part of a school. Read the story of Abel below for an example of what a different investment in teachers can make in the everyday lives of students – and a school as a whole.


Abel was a student of the ‘Mbeu Deo’ courses, facilitated by Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (our partner in Zambia) and EduDeo. Mbeu Deo trains teachers that have received their full teachers’ education but are waiting to be placed in a school. Mbeu Deo prepares teachers to bring the Gospel story into every part of their classrooms – not just for student learning, but also for community service.

“I have been given the privilege to study the Mbeu Deo courses, which help me in teaching students from a Christian perspective. This perspective begins with the Biblical truth that ‘all things belong to God.’ In developing and preparing curriculum, the task of the Christian teacher is to help expose God’s fingerprint in all things.

"During my teaching practice at Mphamba Primary School, I shared with my pupils that our God is that God of all things. God is not only found in church, but He is also found in a classroom environment and in communities.

In this situation I saw a classroom as a community of peace and harmony where pupils from broken homes come to learn and find relief. In this way, I helped my pupils to see that a classroom is a place where they can find peace as they learn and interact with one another.

I value being part of the training as it has helped and will continue helping Christian schools develop and maintain a high standard of education. I acknowledge both international and local facilitators who have helped us to learn this course. It is my prayer that more teachers are trained in this beautiful course so that more children are transformed in a Godly way from generation to generation.”


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