December 10, 2018

Day 5: 12 Days of Christmas With EduDeo

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This blog is Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo. Keep following along to read more stories of celebration from 2018.

The Alliance of Evangelical Schools and Universities in Burkina Faso (AESEB) is EduDeo’s newest partner. Burkina Faso is a Muslim majority country, but a total of 218 Christian schools belong to AESEB.

Across the country, many Muslim children are enrolled in openly Christian Schools. Why is this?

We asked a teacher at Rehoboth School in Burkina Faso, and she told us this story:

One evening, a father gave two of his children (who attend the Christian school) some money to buy food from the market. Many Burkina families can often only purchase enough food for one meal at a time, and this was the case for these children.

There was no food in their house and boys were hungry.

As they made their way to the local market, the boys stopped to talk to a neighbour girl. The girl was very hungry and her parents were not home – they were working.

It was getting late, and the girl likely wouldn’t eat that evening.

Every day in class, the boys learned the importance of being kind and helping others. If the boys shared the money, they would be able to buy only half the food their own family needed for that night. But there was no question about what they needed to do next. They shared part of the money with the girl so she would be able to eat both that night and the following morning.

The boys did not tell their teacher what had happened, but she instead heard the story from the girl’s parents.

They were amazed at the kindness and generosity offered by the boys. The girl’s parents recognized that the boys’ actions were the result of what they learned at school – a Christian school. 

About her students, the teacher proudly reflects: “Our children are different than other children. They will bring positive change to Burkina Faso.”

Muslim parents recognize this difference and want their children to grow up with these characteristics. Christian Schools are shining God's light into communities through the character they are developing in their students.


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