December 10, 2018

Introducing Cours Prive Wendinso: Sharing Jesus' Love Through Education

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This blog was written by Learning Leader Gabriella Hoogstra who is working alongside co-leader Elco Vandergrift with Burkina Faso educators and leaders as part of the Living and Leading the Biblical Story in Christian Education Walking Together project.  

Today we visited a Christian school in a village outside of Ouagadougou. Cours Prive Wendinso was established by two founders Madame Kabore and Madame Rakieta. Before starting the school, the founders held the belief that teaching the gospel in education would ensure that students would remember lifelong the story of Jesus’ love for them. In 2006, these two women started the school with just one grade – grade one with 15 students. Since then, the school has expanded and grown to have 307 students in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and 94 students in secondary school. Wendinso school serves students from their local diverse community.

We had the pleasure today of sitting down with Madame Kabore and hearing her speak about her ‘why’ of Christian education – “Through education I know they (the students) will accept Christ”. What a vision to pursue for the past 12 years! While at Wendinso school, we had the opportunity to visit the Kindergarten class, the grade 2 class (we interrupted their math class, I think they were grateful), the grade 6 students, and the examination class in the secondary school. The students were welcoming and gracious - although they giggled a bit at our stilted French and mispronounced names. The little kindergartners came to Elco and I to greet us - without being prompted - they were so sweet! The older students shared a little with us about their school, their teachers, and what they’re working on in class. It was so helpful to meet the students, some teachers and the school founder while we are here in Burkina Faso! What a blessing today was!

While descriptive words and sentences tell you something about our day, here are a handful of photos to further introduce you to Cours Prive Wendinso.


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