December 12, 2018

Day 7: 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo

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This blog is Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo. Keep following along to read more stories of celebration from 2018.

What’s the best way to teach students about the love of Christ? Have them put that love in action.

For the last five years, La Esperanza School in the Dominican Republic has used their “God is Going to Bless You” program to share food, clothing and other necessities with vulnerable families in their community.

Yomaira, a teacher at La Esperanza shared in her own words what the program is all about and how it is making a difference for both recipients and the students in her school.

Watch the video here:or read Yomaira’s story below:

“‘God is Going to Bless You’ is a beautiful project that we have created at this school, about 4 to 5 years ago. We walk through communities and look for the most vulnerable people. We visit houses a few days beforehand to locate them, and to get to know the people that God has put on our hearts, and on the hearts of the students. The students are the ones who bring the food, the clothes and anything else the people need.

‘God is Going to Bless You’ is something big. It’s something that has brought peace to many families. It’s something that has brought food to those who do not have enough – to people who really need it.

Children participating in this project learn to value what they have – that they are not poor children like they think. Their parents provide everything they need – and make many efforts to do this. They learn that they should take more care of the things that are given to them – and they can see that there are other people who have more needs than them, and other people can be more vulnerable than them.

This is a beautiful project and we hope it keeps working. We pray to get more help and add more people to this project, so we can bless more families from other places.”


Dec 12, 2018 at 9:39 pm

This is awesome La Esperanza!

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