December 11, 2018

Jesus Restores

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This blog was written by Learning Leader Alice Vanderkooy who is working alongside co-leader Diane Stronks with Haitian educators and leaders as part of the Christian Education in Haiti: A Restorative Approach Walking Together project. 

Monday we began our training with a new group of participants. There were many familiar faces, people who were part of our leadership sessions last year. One highlight for Diane and I is that each morning one of the participants leads in devotions. It has been amazing to see how intentional they are in connecting their reflections to the material we are dealing with in restorative practices. Today (Tuesday) Patrick read the story of the woman who was brought to Jesus because she had committed adultery. (John 8) Patrick noted that Jesus created a place of safety for her by saying to her accusers, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Before long all her accusers disappeared. Then he told her that he did not condemn her, although he did suggest she might want to make some different choices in her life. 

Other highlights have been watching the participants discuss and apply the concepts around the ways in which we are in relationship with each other. Healthy communities figure out how to deal with conflict and brokenness by practicing restoration and healing. Doing role plays that model those concepts, brought up lots of questions and laughter. Check out the pictures to see that the animated interactions that were had!




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