December 14, 2018

Day 9: 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo

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This blog is Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas with EduDeo. Keep following along to read more stories of celebration from 2018.

“I know that Christ is the only one who strengthens me in my challenges and my successes,” says Yesenia. Yesenia is a teacher at Concepcion Presbyterian Preschool in Belize. She takes her role at school very seriously, and always points to Christ as the reason she keeps going every day.

“I proudly share what Christ has done in my life. Christ has done miracles in my life and in the lives of those who surround me. As a teacher, I impart knowledge and skills to children but most importantly moral and spiritual values to children.

With the help of God, I have learned to work with children of different backgrounds; children who might come from broken homes and children who have parents who do not believe in God. As a teacher, I have learned that the lives of many children are in my hands. Every day I ask God for wisdom to be able to touch children’s hearts using the Word of God.

I love to help my children grow spiritually and getting to know Christ as our Saviour. As an educator, I have gained knowledge and experience but also I have grown spiritually. I know that Christ is the only One Who strengthens me in my challenges and my successes.”

But it is not just her students that Yesenia reaches out to, but parents as well.

“As a teacher, parents approach me on a daily basis. I take these opportunities to disciple them as we discuss matters relating to their children. Each parent has a different view of attitudes and characters, but by the grace of God I have been able to approach parents and evangelize to them.

I have seen a transformation of how God uses me in carrying across his Gospel to the parents of Concepcion and other nearby villages. It is a miracle that I can testify, and it is only the power of God that can do this.

Thanks to God, I can show to my children that I am willing to love them, to care for them, to help them and forgive them when they have done something wrong. This makes a positive difference in their lives, and little by little I can see change in behaviour. I can see and feel their appreciation by the way they treat me and approach to me with hugs and kind words. I am able to see that they do understand my care for them.

I praise God Almighty because it is only through Christ all things are possible – He who strengthens me.”


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