February 6, 2019

Leading for Transformation: Day 3

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This blog was written by Learning Leaders Karen Gerritsma and Gayle Monsma who are Zambian educators and leaders as part of the Leading for Transformation: Teaching for Transformation Walking Together project.

Day 3: We dove into sex education, engaged in some spirited discussions around topics such as marital fidelity and gender-based expectations.  The most impassioned topic of discussion was about what Christian schools should do concerning the re-enrolment of students after they have had a baby. 

Teen pregnancy is a real issue in these communities and while some schools refuse re-entry (based on the idea that there are consequences to this behaviour and as a deterrent to other students), many of the participants were committed to having a more grace-filled approach and welcoming these students back into their communities.

For the afternoon we began the foundation work for the TfT Core Practice of Storyline. We immersed ourselves in the importance of “story” and why it is essential for Christians to recognize their role in God’s Story. 


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