February 7, 2019

Leading for Transformation: Day 4

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This blog was written by Learning Leaders Karen Gerritsma and Gayle Monsma who are Zambian educators and leaders as part of the Leading for Transformation: Teaching for Transformation Walking Together project.

Day 4: After learning about Storyline yesterday, today was the day for the participants to craft a Storyline for their school and create an implementation plan.  They were given a variety of Storylines to choose from, and one group even decided to create their own! The Storylines developed were: “See the Story; Live the Story,” “Fingerprints: Discovering God’s and Leaving Ours,” “Living Between the Trees,” “Standing Stones,” and “My Role in God’s Story.”  We’re excited to see how the schools use the Storylines in their communities!

During the afternoon session, the participants worked their way through some curriculum planning applying TfT to the Comprehensive Sex Education concepts.  It was exciting to see them wrestle with some of the concepts in the curriculum and begin to be able to articulate a Christian perspective on the topics.  One participant said, “There is more of a taboo about talking about sex than about actually having sex” so it is essential that teachers are well-equipped to lead well in this area. 

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the raucous Rock, Paper, Scissors games that began and ended our day.


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