February 11, 2019

Leading for Transformation: School Visits - Day 1

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We spent today visiting 3 schools near Lundazi.  At Mphamba we spent time in a grade 4 classrom with 41 learners, all girls. The school has found that the competition between same-gender classrooms yeilds positive academic results.  The teacher did a fabulous job of integrating Throughlines into both a science and social studies lesson.  

Then it was off to Msuzi School, which is quite close to Lundazi, but the bridge washed out a couple of months ago and has not yet been replaced.  So we drove to our side of the river, went across a footbridge and then walked a couple of kilometers to the school.  Here we spent time in a grade 2 class where they were studying oral English.  Schooling is done primarily in the local language until grade 4 when it switches to English.  This classroom had only 26 learners!

Lastly, we journeyed over some very rough roads to get to Chijema School. Here we joined a class of 56 grade one students, sitting 4 to a desk!  The teacher had the students very involved in a math lesson learning basic numeracy.  While we were there, there was a heavy downpour, and it was so noisy on the metal roof that it was hard to hear!  Also, a few leaks in the roof and lack of glass in the windows was distracting to us, but didn't seem to impact the learners!

It was so good to visit the schools to get a deeper understanding of the context in which the people we met with last week work.  It was also affirming to see some evidence already of some of the work we did last week!  


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