May 10, 2019

From Anger to Honour: Thank You, Teacher

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Can you think of a teacher who changed your life? Who challenged you to be the best you could be? Who helped you to flourish in the classroom? Who inspired you to grow?

Juan Daniel can name a teacher who has done this for him - Mr. Yan.

Juan Daniel came to Los Guandules Christian School in the Dominican Republic when he was in Grade 9. It became quickly apparent that his behaviour did not fit the school community. He was aggressive with his classmates and disrespectful with his teachers, and found it hard to make friends. After two years without improvement, Juan Daniel was asked to leave the school.

His mother came to the school, begging them to change their mind and promising that his behaviour would improve. Despite that, Juan Daniel showed no remorse.

His teachers began to worry about his hard heart, and before his expulsion, they invited him to the principal’s office to have a conversation. Ricardo Yan, the principal, and Juan Daniel’s teachers listened to him, offering to help with whatever issue was going on. They prayed for him and shared about God’s love.

Juan Daniel was kept in school - and he began to change. He was given more opportunities to open his heart. He began to speak openly about his struggles with anger and regularly met with Mr. Yan to talk and pray together. Juan Daniel experienced great changes, helping him to grow and flourish as a student.

Where is Juan Daniel now? He is an honour student, a friend to his classmates, a great story writer, and he loves painting as a way of expressing himself.

“Juan Daniel is a good example of the power of Christian education. When we embrace our mission of helping children discover and experience the love of Christ while attending school, there is so much potential to bring restoration to all things.”


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