September 25, 2019

Beautiful Things in Burkina Faso

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Why does the quality of education matter?

Isn’t it enough to just get a child in a classroom?

At EduDeo, we believe something different.

If you want to change a child’s life – start with their education. Start with their teacher.

It’s not enough to get a child in a classroom – they need a top-quality education to spark a change. And they also need the Good News of Jesus to change that spark into a fire of life-long transformation.

But what does a quality education rooted in the Gospel look like around the world?

“The higher quality schools seemed to have people that were. Not in terms of intelligence, but in terms of joy.”

That’s what volunteer Gabriella Hoogstra saw when she travelled to the red sands of Burkina Faso last year.

Quality, Christ-centred education looks like joy.

When she met with school leaders to hear their joys and struggles, two individuals stood out: a pastor and a teacher in a largely-Muslim community near Mali.

“They’re in a town where there aren’t many Christians, but they’re slowly building trust with people. The work they are doing is incredible – they’re building gardens and purchasing livestock to generate income to pay tuition. They’re seen as really valuable community members willing to invest in not just students, but the community.”

Quality, Christ-centred education looks like community investment.

When the school leaders started brainstorming about their dreams and goals, they went beyond their own schools and communities. They looked worldwide.

“This is the question the are asking: ‘how can Christian education serve to eradicate terrorism?’”

Quality, Christ-centred education looks like peace.

Gabriella works in Christian education in London, Ontario and marvelled at the shape it is taking across the world in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The people she met with believe in their heart of hearts that a quality, Christ-centred education can bring true and lasting peace to a world filled with violence and pain. It can bring an unquenchable joy amid sorrow. It can transform a community’s history of material poverty.

When reflecting on her experiences, Gabriella ended with a single prayer for principals and teachers in Burkina Faso.

“I pray that they continue with energy and zeal. They will do beautiful things if they continue on the path they’re on.”

Quality, Christ-centred education looks like the building of beautiful things.


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