September 26, 2019

Exciting Things Happening in Ethiopia

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Elco and I have had the privilege of being in Ethiopia this week with the Ethiopia Emmanuel United Church.  Our goal was to introduce the idea of "Responsive Discipleship" to the leaders and educators of half of the EEUC schools.

EEUC is a church denomination with 500 churches and at this point....15 schools.  Their goal is to link a Christian school with each of their 500 churches.  We had the opportunity to visit two of their schools.  The amazing thing was the size of the schools....400 students at one (K-8) and 1000 students at the second (K-12).  

The leaders and educators (and pastors) are eager to understand "Transformational Christian Education".  Their feedback, particularly about new ways to think about the Biblical story, was very encouraging.  One of the leaders of the education department of the EEUC, Pastor Nigussie, shared that this way of thinking about our role as Christ's ambassadors and agents in the world totally reframed his idea of "how now we should live?"  Understanding that our children are to be encouraged to "live into the Biblical story" and find their place as God's beloved children was well-received.  

This trip was a surprise and a gift.  Elco and I were to travel to Zambia and stop in Addis Ababa on our way.  We contacted Mitiku Abebe to let him know that we could stop for a day possibly in Ethiopia.  He wondered if we could make our stop a bit longer.....needless to say.....we have been here for 5 days and led a workshop by the grace of God.



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