October 23, 2019

Nayelis' Story: Your 2019 Impact

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Nayelis' story is featured in our 2019 Impact Report. Keep reading for more stories of transformation.

Five years ago, Nayelis started attending Emanuel Christian School in the Dominican Republic, but her life looked very different from how it does now.

“I was facing a lot of issues in my life. I was always angry, had very little patience and felt no affection for anyone. After a while, my teachers noticed that something was wrong with me. They sent me to the counselor’s office, and from that day on, they would encourage me, pray with me and read Scripture.” It was her teachers’ determination to never give up on her that sent Nayelis into a season of hope.

“One day, I attended the chapel service at school, and I heard God’s voice speaking to me. I felt something special happening within me. I felt loved by God in a way I had never before experienced.

At the end of the service I asked the preacher to pray for me. He held my hands as tears were coming from my eyes. All the pain that I felt for so long started to disappear. I felt free for the first time in my life. If God had not placed me at Emanuel School, I don’t know where my life would have ended up.”

Nayelis’ transformation happened at school, but affected every part of her life and heart – what a beautiful experience to celebrate.


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