January 20, 2020

With a Little Help from Some Friends

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When done well, planning for the future is a deep blessing.

When the planning comes from a place of painful honesty from all who are currently diminished by their community weaknesses, that planning is a gift gladly received. When shared weaknesses are transformed into carefully constructed future commitments, communities are rejuvenated like an unfolding gift that keeps on giving. Gratitude, excitement and energy will prevail.

(Just to clear: when planning for the future is controlled by the powerful few who insist on compliance to manipulated strategies for personal or an organization’s public survival, such planning is a curse.)

We sensed the realization of a deep blessing from those gathered at this year’s Presbyterian Christian Schools Principal conference in Belize. Two years ago, the planning process had been begun, written commitments had been adopted, and now it was time to check in to see if the follow-through had begun.

Of course, it had.

Crucial committees had been formed and had already begun meeting and tackling their assigned strategies. Other task-forces would be appointed as scheduled.

Together with the principals, Peter walked through the upcoming work for this school year and the next. No hesitation here; just nods of approval and questions of clarification (but not of resistance). They knew that they were blessed with a gift for growth. It was not to be squandered.

It is our deep hope that these Presbyterian Christian communities of learning will be buoyed and blessed by the gift of planning that they have given to themselves (with a little hands-up from EduDeo).

Bill de Jager


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