May 2, 2012

Urban Nicaraguan School A Testament to God’s Grace

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Centro de Fe – a Christian school of 250 students and 16 teachers - is located in downtown Managua, Nicaragua. Offering all levels of education from pre-school through high school, this school is a testament to God’s grace working in this community.

It didn’t always look like this, however. Centro de Fe began in 1993 with 34 pre-school students between the ages of 3 and 5. A year later, they almost closed this initiative because of construction on the church building they were using, as well as lack of tuition payments from student’s parents. Parents pleaded with the leaders not to close the school and rallied with other parents in the community because they were passionate about their children receiving an integrated Christian education. The teachers were overjoyed by this response and were encouraged to continue in spite of difficulties saying, “God has control of everything.

In 1997, Centro de Fe began adding elementary school grades “because the parents asked for it and the students who finished preschool really wanted to continue in the school. A few of our students were not Christians and we had been walking along with many of them a difficult way, but God had not forsaken us and in time we saw the fruits and their growing for the glory of God.” They continued to add grade levels until the school offered a full high school as well.

This year, the Administrator, Jorge Morales Valle, reports many reasons to rejoice, including exciting growth, cross-cultural experiences, and making an impact on their surrounding community:

We had an enrollment increase [this year], especially in high school, and saw a major integration of these students in school activities. Also student’s marks improved and a more respectful behavior [was seen] between students. Some students accepted Jesus as the Lord of their lives and some of them were baptized!

We were visited by students from Canada from Abbotsford Christian School [as part of the School2School Program]. It was for us a very special and cross-cultural experience, confirming that the love of God doesn't have boundaries or social, cultural or ethnic barriers. We are one in Jesus Christ – Galatians 3:28. Our teachers, students and the rest of people enjoyed this visit that was a wonderful experience, we thank God because we are one of the first schools partnered with a school in Canada – glory to God!

We have the community integrated in all the school and church activities which are carried out on the nearby streets. The students and parents participated in reading the Bible in the celebration of the 442nd anniversary of the Bible translation into Spanish. Also, the community had an important participation in the Independence Parade as well as in the Days of the Bible Parade.


May 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Yet another great testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in His people. God invites us into the gaps of the lives of His people. He does not need us there but He does want us there. When we are there we realize that He is using the same opportunity to fill the gap in our own lives. In other words, those we move into have also been invited by the Lord into ours. This is the wonderful work of transformation....God sets us up to be involved with Him together as He gathers His Church.

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