May 2, 2012

A Letter From Belize

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Isaias is a teacher at Presbyterian Day School (PDS) in Cristo Rey, Belize. He and his dedicated colleagues continue to teach even when there isn’t enough money to pay their salaries because they believe in the difference that quality, Christian education is making in their community.

One of the major challenges in the community of Cristo Rey comes because it is close to the Mexican border. Many people work in the duty-free zone there and it is an area rife with alcohol abuse, broken marriages and social breakdown. Students who attend PDS have been affected by this, but they always feel free to confide in their teachers who help and pray for them and their families. The Lord is using PDS and its teachers to make a difference and here is a letter from Isaias thanking EduDeo for our partnership and support.

Dear Friends,

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We thank Him for allowing us to begin a new year with health and strength here at PDS.

The Lord has been gracious to me in giving me the privilege and honor to teach in this Christian school. Here we prepare, guide and motivate students to serve God and glorify Him in whatever they do at home or the community.

Working here is not an easy job, but when I see kids growing up in the fear of our Lord and loving Him, it really encourages me to continue working harder every day. I know I am just an instrument of God and He is the one who does the work in the children’s heart.

As a Christian school we are not perfect but with the help of our Lord we are able to plant the Biblical principles in our students’ hearts. This will help them discern between good and bad and so when they move on to higher education they will be able to apply these truths in their lives.

May the Lord give you all a blessed and prosperous year,

Mr. Isaias Botes

Become a Sponsor: Please help Isaias and other teachers like him continue to make a difference by becoming a Sponsor. Read more about the impact you can make through Sponsorship here.


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