May 28, 2012

Thank You From Belize!

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HANDS coordinator Tim Bootsma returned earlier this month from one of eight EduDeo HANDS trips this year to Belize bearing the gratitude of students and teachers from Unity Presbyterian School in Belize City.

The ‘Canada HANDS’ team, enthusiastically welcomed by Unity Presbyterian School’s 238 students, eight teachers and local coordinating pastor, Ernest Betson and wife and school principal Carolyn, helped build a second floor level of classrooms at the school.  The HANDS trip also provided participants with the opportunity to interact and learn about the educational needs and opportunities of the elementary school students and teachers in one of the poorest sections of Belize City.

HANDS team members were thanked in a special school assembly on the final afternoon of the nine day trip and presented with a number of hand-written cards of appreciation created by students.

"We give thanks to the Lord for EduDeo because you have truly blessed our school,” noted students from the second and third grades.

"Thank you for your time and dedication in the construction of our school,” wrote another student.

'Canada HANDS’ team members were also appreciative of the experience in Belize City. A number of team members noted how the trip confirmed their conviction in the transformative power of Christ-centred education.

"This school might be the only place these children hear about Jesus,” one HANDS team member remarked.

 "A future Belizian Prime Minister may be Unity Presbyterian School educated,” noted another team member.

"It is always remarkable for me to experience the Christ-like love of local Christian educators as they invest in the lives of children,” explained HANDS coordinator Tim Bootsma. 

"The trip was an opportunity for both HANDS participants and local teachers and students at Unity Presbyterian School to be a mutual blessing to each other, bringing together the body of Christ from Canada and Belize.”

The HANDS trip provided the twelve-member team with another example of how a Biblically integrated education can provide hope for some of the poorest students in the majority world.

EduDeo Ministries would like to thank our generous donors as well as the individual donors who supported the ‘Canada HANDS’ team participants for making the Belize trip possible.



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