February 5, 2013

Global Notebook: Ethiopia & South Sudan

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Representing EduDeo Ministries on the ground in Ethopia and South Sudan, EduDeo Executive Director Hank de Jong will be attending the Ethiopian Roundtable in Adama, Ethiopia as well as documenting ‘Walking Together’ teacher training efforts in South Sudan, Tuesday, February 4 to Friday, February 15.

A key gathering of Christian educators in Sub-Saharan Africa, Hank will be attending the two day Ethiopian Roundtable, Thursday, February 7 to Friday, February 8.  A partnership between CH Global, ACSI Africa and EduDeo Ministries, the goal of the roundtable is to set the stage for prayer, high level discussion and strategic development to strengthen existing and establish new Christian school systems in Ethiopia.

A country with a rich Christian heritage, the Ethiopian church and faith-based educational leaders are calling for a new generation of Ethiopian believers to lead Africa in a time of revival and renewal.   

Following the roundtable, Hank will be joined by Michael Alemu, Vice President of CH Global, as both ministry leaders meet with government officials, educators and students in South Sudan.  EduDeo Ministries’ volunteer educators Ike and Jenny Witteveen and Jake and Minka Vriend recently completed a number of ‘Walking Together’ teacher training sessions in both Ethiopia and South Sudan.  Indigenous educators continue to request teacher training rooted in a Biblically-integrated life and worldview.

“I am excited to witness the growing embrace of Christ-centred education in Africa,” Hank notes as he prepares for the roundtable and visit to South Sudan, the world’s newest country.

"I am eager to see how EduDeo Ministries can increase our support for fledgling school associations across Africa, especially emerging regions like Ethiopia and South Sudan where the potential for the Gospel to transform culture is incredible.

Hank’s ‘Global Notebook’ updates will include daily posts, photo, video and social media reports from the Ethiopia Roundtable and schools in South Sudan, providing EduDeo’s Canadian support community with a firsthand account of how Christ-centred and Biblically-integrated education is leading to Gospel transformation across Africa.

Hamilton-based camera operator Ryan Geleynse will be documenting the African visit.

Roundtable organizers are calling for prayer, including safe travel for delegates.  Please pray for Hank and Ryan as they plan to depart from Canada Tuesday.


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