April 3, 2013

Ministry Update

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We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our support community for your generous support of EduDeo Ministries. We are in the midst of experiencing God's incredible blessings on our ministry as we see His hand at work in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nicaragua, South Sudan, Zambia — and beyond!

Our hope is to bring Gospel change through quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview to our partner schools worldwide. This is where transformation begins!

Partway through our fiscal year, we thought we would share with you some updates
on what is currently happening at EduDeo Ministries.


  • 9 HANDS teams are serving in Nicaragua this fiscal year, working on at least 7 different construction projects at various schools.
  • Volunteer educators Bob Koole & Tena Siebenga-Valstar visited Nicaragua in October 2012 to lead teacher training. They are returning in November 2013 to focus on a Biblical worldview in Science and Math.
  • Through the School2School program, 2 Canadian schools are deepening their relationships with 2 Nicaraguan schools.
  • Canadian Partnership Coordinator Phil Beck is planning a unique Discover & Learn trip in partnership with CCEF to allow for educators from across Canada to visit Nicaragua.
  • EduDeo sponsored 2 ACECEN leaders to participate in the ‘REEDUCA’ Conference in November 2012 to connect with fellow Christian educational leaders from Central America.
  • ACECEN facilitators conducted 251 trainings sessions, made 384 school visits and provided training for 2,701 teachers this fiscal year.


  • 7 HANDS teams are serving in Belize this fiscal year, building and renovating at 4 different schools to accommodate growing enrollment.
  • Volunteer educator Benna Nicolai is working with PCSB educators to develop Social Studies curriculum from a Biblical worldview.
  • Volunteer educator Jim Vreugdenhil will lead worldview training in August in Language Arts, following up the training he led in last year.
  • EduDeo sponsored 2 PCSB educational leaders to travel to Nicaragua for the ‘REEDUCA’ Conference to connect with fellow Christian educational leaders from Central America.
  • A Canadian school is building a relationship with a Belizean school through School2School, while another Canadian school is interested in beginning a relationship with a Belizean school as well.
  • PCSB has built stronger connections between the national leadership team and administration team of local schools and has seen improvement in financial management and funding sustainability.


  • 5 HANDS teams are serving in the Dominican Republic this fiscal year, specifically working at La Esperanza to assist in building the facilities necessary for them to officially qualify as a high school.
  • EduDeo continues to fund ‘Project Exelencia’, a program enabling 3 Dominican facilitators to provide teacher training to COCREF teachers
  • A group of teachers from various schools are working together to develop Bible curriculum based on what they learned from the training. They have the opportunity to share what this with other schools.
  • 'My Own Name' - a learning tool used successfully in Nicaragua, is being utilized in COCREF schools with increasing confidence.
  • Walking Together volunteer educators Gary Van Arragon and Diane Stronks are planning to lead training on how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the Science curriculum, following up their work in July 2012 on Social Studies.
  • All 14 eligible COCREF schools have organized student governments, resulting in improved student engagement and energy.
  • Two local Dominican schools, Apocalipsis and Nueva Creacion de Fe, have initiated their own fundraising efforts for their playground areas.


  • A HANDS team travelled to Zambia to work at Kabinda Day High School, plastering and setting up a much-needed science lab facility.
  • Mphamba Basic School is undergoing a project that will rehabilitate 5 classrooms and 2 offices. This is a much needed renovation as this school currently has an average of 95 students per classroom.
  • Volunteer educator Bob Koole led Biblical worldview teacher training of over 40 key educational leaders and teachers in January 2013.
  • Plans are being made to host 2 CCAP educational leaders in Canada to connect with Canadian educators and supporters October 2013.


  • Volunteer educators Ike and Jennie Witteveen and Jake & Minka Vriend travelled to Ethiopia to follow-up on previous training sessions they led. They were blown away by the impact of the workshops. View a video interview with a teacher deeply changed by what she learned here.


  • A HANDS team travelled to Ghana, working on a new school that is to be a model of quality Christian education.


  • Volunteer educators Ike and Jennie Witteveen and Jake & Minka Vriend travelled to South Sudan in January 2013 in partnership with CH-Global to lead Biblical worldview teacher training. A continuation of last year's initial training session, this project has enormous potential to impact the entire brand new nation of South Sudan. We have already received incredible reports of the impact this training is having on the lives of students and teachers alike. See more information on this exciting project here.


Apr 4, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Its true God is revealed in the works of EduDeo Ministries Canada. I'm the eye witness of some works which has been done in Zambia CCAP Education Department in its mission schools, The walking together program (Christian Education) Has transformed many lives of teachers and the participation of Hands teams, this also has helped many communities were hands has worked in terms of total devotion/commitment and cooperation. Don't stop this as long as God permits.

Apr 5, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Philemon, it is so rewarding to hear your testimony!May God bless your school leadership as they share the insights gathered in the training sessions. Remember that you are called to make these Biblical truths workable in the Zambian school setting. My thoughts and prayers go with you.

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