November 15, 2011

Transforming Lives—One Dress at a Time

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the one Dress project

Brittany McDonnell is wearing one dress for one month—and not because she’s tired of doing laundry! This young woman is on a creative mission to raise awareness and funds for Christ-centred education in developing countries.

Through EduDeo Ministries, Brittany had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and witness the vital work of building schools, mentoring teachers, and sharing biblical truths. When she returned home she had a deep desire to continue to support the ministry in any way she could. But how?

Late one night, Brittany was in her room, staring at her shelves piled high with clothes, and was struck with the question: Why on earth do I own so many clothes?  Immediately she thought to blame our consumerist society—but she knew that wasn’t the only reason. “After all, I have free will and I could choose to simply consume less,” she admitted. So why did she really own so many clothes?

When Brittany considered parting with her clothes, she discovered the answer. “These clothes, these lifeless pieces of fabric, were a part of me, like a security blanket," she realized.  She then thought about the many people in the world who live on nothing. How selfish it seemed to hold onto something not even being used “just in case!”

Brittany decided she needed to do something with her clothes—something more than seasonally cleaning out her closet and donating to charity. “I wanted to make a statement, both to myself and to God that I could live with less and that He was really all I needed,” she thought.

Then the idea came: for one month, Brittany would fast from shopping and wear but one article of clothing: a black dress. This would be her uniform from November 1st-December 1st this year.

Thinking of a dress as a uniform brought to mind the many children Brittany met in Nicaragua who could not afford a uniform. Even more children were not even able to go to school at all.  It was then that she decided to use this step away from consumerism to help raise funds for education in developing countries.

Thus,The One Dress Project was born.

Since November 1st, Brittany has been wearing her black dress every day—washing it nightly.  She changes out of it only for sleepwear, workout clothing and swim wear. She only uses accessories she already owned or those donated to her.

Lord willing, Brittany aims to raise $1000 for EduDeo Ministries to help support the work of transformation in countries such as Belize, Ghana, The Dominican, Zambia and Nicaragua.

Please pray for Brittany as she undertakes this special project. Donate to her goal through EduDeo’s website – specifying that The One Dress Project prompted your donation. You can also send a cheque—payable to EduDeo Ministries and with “The One Dress Project” in the memo line—to: EduDeo Ministries, 70 Lancing Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8W 3A1

It is Brittany’s hope and prayer that The One Dress Project not will only transform lives in developing countries, but impact many people seeking to follow the Lord with their whole heart. “I pray that by stepping away from consumerism, I will encourage others to stop and think too,” she says. “[To think] about how they are using their many blessings, how their identity is linked to their possessions, and most of all to consider who they are in Christ.”

If you are interested in joining The One Dress Project, or simply have questions for Brittany, you can email her at:, or follow the project on Facebook. She would love to hear from you!

Update: We should also mention that Brittany's brother, Jordan McDonnell, is also taking part in The One Dress Project. He has resolved to wear a pair of "dress" pants and a "dress" shirt for the month! Please pray for him as well as he embarks on this journey.


Sandy & Burt
Nov 15, 2011 at 8:45 pm

We can't begin to describe the overwhelming feeling we had when reading this story in print. You see, Brittany is our daughter and has transitioned from university to her 1st teaching position, in a small community, 3 hours from home. One night she text us with this thought and idea, and wanted to know what we thought. We told her to "go for it!" A short time later her brother, a university student, decided he would support her endeavour by wearing one set of dress clothes for the month. As parents, we have always prayed for our children, that they will seek to make a difference in the world, and first and foremost that they will serve the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind & strength. We praise God for their statement and pray that many will be touched by their "small" sacrifice!

Nov 15, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Hello Brittany, May the gift and blessing of Chrisian Education be made known to many more children as a result of the passion you have expressed through this endeavour! What a great way for your current young students to see you sharing your love of God for the benefit of other children! May the Lord bless this work in ways beyond what you could have imagined! Prayerfully, Karen

Pastor Noel Muscutt
Nov 16, 2011 at 12:34 pm

What a fantastic story! As one who has seen and worked in many third-world countries, I am so happy to see this kind of conviction in the heart of a young Christian like Brittany. I hope and pray that this article enjoys widespread readership and that her example is followed by many. Way to go, Brittany! God bless you!

Ilia and Gracie!:)
Nov 21, 2012 at 10:28 am

Hallelujah!!! Thanks so much!!!

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