November 12, 2013

Field Report: Enhancing Education in Nicaragua

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Nine ACECEN facilitators and two ACECEN principals and the ACECEN executive director recently dedicated a full week to examining ways to improve learning and teaching. Engaged in dialogue about Biblical principles for evaluation while developing the tools needed to train teachers and directors about different ways of assessment, they wrestled with questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of our visits to classrooms?
  • How can our dialogue with teachers enhance children’s learning?
  • What is the purpose of a principal’s visits to classrooms?

Lead teachers Tena Valstar-Siebenga and Robert Koole, Walking Together Director at EduDeo Ministries, appreciated the participants’ intense involvement and dialogue around the question: To what extent should the following be used as a basis for evaluating student learning: achievement, effort, attendance, behavior, and/or attitude?

The facilitators further explored what they considered to be important dimensions of Christian teaching and then developed characteristic qualities for the dimensions. Subsequent dialogue centered on the processes they could use to assist principals and teachers learn more about evaluation.

At the end of their workshops, participants shared how they might use the things they learned and developed during this year's session:

“I plan to lead a workshop where each teacher can learn how to make their thematic statement, how to include it in their plans, adopt the objectives, learning activities and students' evaluation.”

- Carolina, Principal

“We are in the process of applying Biblical worldview and I would teach the dimensions of Christian education to teachers and directors in January 2014 to start the school year and (use them) to strengthen the application of biblical worldview.”

- Iveth, ACECEN Facilitator

“I can use what I learned all year because every Wednesday I meet the teachers in a “circle of quality” where we evaluate the teachers' work and students' behaviour.”

- Jorge, ACECEN Administrator

All in all, it was an engaging and successful week of learning new ideas and reframing evaluation practices. 

EduDeo Ministries Walking Together program works to assist with providing quality education from a Biblical worldview through teacher training. It is designed to help bring about long-term, sustainable change in the lives of educators that will impact children, their families and communities!  Through our partnerships, seminars, workshops, training sessions and mentoring have been taking place. The transformation has been astounding—and there is potential for much, much more!

You can walk alongside these projects by clicking here and choosing a Walking Together project to support.


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