January 24, 2014

A Time of Connection in Belize

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EduDeo Ministries is constantly evaluating its impact and effectiveness with its partners and is committed to some earnest face-to-face time to build our relationship and find out what God is doing in and through are partnerships.  Many great things are being reported through regular reporting channels but it’s always surprising to see and hear for yourself some of the incredible things God is doing in and through a partner. 

Tim Bootsma, EduDeo’s International Partnership Director, returned from a 5-day trip to Belize last month after visiting the schools there and hearing from each of the principals and the association leadership about some of their celebrations.  He found it to be a rich time of hearing from them. Upon return he shared a few of his reflections:

1) School leaders have a strong desire to be an intentional Christian School and have a clear focus on modeling and teaching the word of God to the students.  There is a great desire to continue to learn more about what this means both theoretically and practically.

2) God has provided faithfully for the needs of all the schools.  Each of them has their own stories of God’s providential hand providing what is needed at just the right time.  Stories range from HANDS teams completing additional classrooms just as they are needed, to financial help coming to help pay the salaries, to words of encouragement at just the right time.

3) Many non-Christian families have their children in Presbyterian schools because of academic excellence, biblical focus and the caring environment. In some schools up to 70% of the students come from non-Christian homes.

4) When asked what their school systems core values were the Principals responded by saying:

        a. Christian teaching
        b. Christ-centered
        c. Spiritual development of the teachers and student
        d. Integrated Biblical worldview 
        e. Modeling scripture

5) Several years ago many of the schools operated very independently, now they have a lot more interaction and support each other much more.  One initiative that is being talked about is for the one High school to host a sports day for all the primary schools. This would be a great day of activity, fun and fellowship, while at the same time promoting the high school as a viable option for the next stage of learning.

6) Despite the schools being under-resourced there is a desire by the school leadership to remain focused on the positive things that are happening.  One new initiative that is being talked about for this school year is to start giving an “Outstanding Teacher Award”.

It’s clear that the Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize is very passionate and dedicated to Christ-centered education with excellence and the partnership with EduDeo has helped them strengthen their organization and increase their ability to provide quality, Christ-centered education to the children of Belize.

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