March 6, 2014

When You Pass Through the Waters

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EduDeo Ministries has been blessed by the work of volunteer educators Elco Vandergrift and Doug Monsma, both from Alberta, Canada. Their recent work in Zambia included leading Biblical worldview teacher training with thirty five educational leaders and teachers this past January. Their approach, called 'Teaching for Transformation,’ is being adapted by a number of Christian schools in Zambia.

Marc and Dora Stroobosscher are currently volunteering for four months (January to April) with the Education Department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), acting as educational mentors on behalf of EduDeo Ministries. Their goal is to follow-up the trainings completed by Elco and Doug to ensure the learnings are applied to the classroom.  

Marc and Dora are leading the Early Adopter Workshops.  The first one was held on the CCAP compound in the beginning of February.  It is the first of four sets of workshops taking place between February and March. Each set consists of a two-day workshop for three CCAP schools and are followed up with in-class visits a week later.

The workshops started off with a review of the term ‘worldview,’ asking questions like, ‘What is a worldview?’ ‘Does it make any difference?’ ‘What is its function?’ and then tied it into the Biblical story. The group reflected on what it means to be a signpost of the Kingdom of God in their teaching position. They looked at the importance of two resources that need to be well understood and connected in order to be a good signpost (guide): The Bible and the Zambian curriculum.

Those in attendance at the workshops had this to say:

“I heard the Biblical story of Creation (God’s intent for the world), the Fall (what went wrong), and Restoration (what can we do to restore what God meant it to be) very clearly in each of your lessons. I am very excited about what I hear. This is what we want for our CCAP schools”(Rev. Peter Chipeta, Education Secretary for CCAP).

“I see now that it is possible to teach everything that the syllabus requires and to make the Biblical story a part of it” (Simon, Grade 9 teacher).

Dora further shared an interesting anecdote on one of their traveling experiences while providing on-site mentoring to schools, many of which were in remote rural locations. They were on their way to Boyola Christian School to do on-site mentoring. Zambia has two seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season usually starts in early November but this year it didn’t begin to January, much to the distress of Zambian farmers. However, it now was raining every day and during most nights altering the packed mud roads a greater challenge to navigate.  Even after the rains ended, deep gulleys crisscrossed the road, making them a constant challenge for Rev. Peter Chipeta who was driving.

It wasn’t long before they came to find a cement bridge that crossed a river completely flooded. The water was too deep and the current very strong. The group didn’t have time to take a detour and the school was just across the bridge.

The solution? They left their van and walked through the water to the other side. Experienced guides helped them across and made sure the current didn’t sweep them away. Once they were all on dry land again they joined those who had been cheering them on in a spontaneous circle dance of thanksgiving to God.

They arrived at the school a touch late and slightly wet yet happy to carry out the program that had been planned for them.

And…they got to do it all over again on the way home!

Please continue to pray for the important work of training indigenous teachers.  Effective and qualified teachers make a huge difference in the lives of students.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you
When you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you
Isaiah 43:2a



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